Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Daily Circle 4 / 1 / 2014

Well its been a while since i posted anything in the blog, stupid snow, me getting sick....twice, swapping my internet to another company. either way, im back and i'm going to start up again on my daily routine.

So here is a small meditation for today. i myself have memorized this meditation and i it and say it over again like a mantra in my head.

May this day be blessed with gifts
Lessons, understanding and friends
May my energy be a gift to all I meet

Let me be centered, healing and open
May I face the day with courage
kindness, insight and compassion

Ok so today i want to talk about something that has been troubling me for the past few days. On March 25th 2014 famous Pagan and Musician Kenny Klein was arrested for have "large volumes" of child pornography.

Now, even to me, this came as a large shock seeing as i have read some of his work and he is an amazing author.

But all that aside, we must look at the bigger picture here; What is this going to do for the Pagan Community?

Not many people on the outside of the pagan religion are going to look at this and not try and connect the two, and trust me i'm not defending this man for what he had in his possession, i'm just saying that something like this is going to reflect on us all.

My proof comes from first hand account of this correlation, when i was asked by a friend of mine who asked "because you are pagan, do you have to watch child porn?" this coming up after her reading the article herself.

Im not saying everyone and their grandmother is going to be more suspicious of us, but a few will and it seems that lately We all try our hardest to shed truth into the eyes of people who thinking we worship satan, but then one or two backslide with something in their personal life and then their connection to the Pagan Community is brought into the mixture.

So i think that today i want to bestow upon people the knowledge that as Pagans, we lead two lives. and until the day where Paganism is shown to be a "legitimate" religion in the eyes of the law, everything bad we do in our life will be connected to our Pagan life.

Placing it in easier to swallow words, all i can say is "Ignorance sucks".

Blessed Be All           ~Rook MoonHammer